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Programme Manager

Our client requires a Program Manager with strong experience in the Insurance/Financial sector.

Benefits Management:

  • Defines the objectives and critical success factors for the programme
  • Identifies, qualifies, and quantifies the programme business benefits
  • Develops appropriate metrics to measure benefits delivery
  • Establishes processes for measuring progress against the benefits plan
  • Develops appropriate status reporting on programme progress
  • Establishes benefits realization plan
  • Defines and prioritizes programme components
  • Defines key performance indicators to monitor delivery of programme benefits
  • Establishes programme performance baseline
  • Ensures that the programme remains aligned with the organization’s strategic objectives as circumstances change
  • Initiates, performs, transitions, and closes programme components
  • Manages component interdependencies
  • Monitors benefits delivery through the evaluation of programme risks and KPIs
  • Maintains the benefits register as benefits are delivered
  • Reports to programme stakeholders according to the programme communication plan
  • Verifies that programme benefits realization criteria are met upon closure of the programme or its components
  • Develops transition plans to facilitate ongoing benefits realization after component or programme closure
  • Ensures that programme benefits will continue to be delivered post-transition

Stakeholder management:

  • Identifies programme stakeholders
  • Gathers stakeholder information: culture, politics, environment, budget, constraints, and history
  • Creates guidelines outlining the overall approach to managing stakeholders
  • Executes stakeholder management plan
  • Ensures stakeholders are adequately and appropriately engaged


  • Clearly defines the roles and responsibilities of and the process for interaction between the governance board and programme manager
  • Reviews programme-level cross-component issues and serious component-level issues requiring senior management attention; makes appropriate changes in programme plans
  • Reviews requests to initiate, transition, and close components
  • Receives, reviews, and reacts to reports on programme performance, programme phase gate reviews, and decision point reviews
  • Assesses both the performance and viability of the programme in the context of current organizational standards and objectives

Life Cycle Management:

  • Creates the business case and demonstrates extent to which it satisfies the objectives of the strategic plan and expected programme outcomes
  • Creates estimates of scope, resources, and cost; develops initial risk assessment; develops charter; develops roadmap; supports programme sponsor and sponsoring organization to secure programme financing
  • Initiates studies, estimates of scope, resources, and cost
  • Develops an initial risk assessment
  • Develops programme charter and roadmap
  • Establishes governance structure
  • Defines programme organization and deploys initial team
  • Develops programme management plan with all component plans: benefits management plan, stakeholder engagement plan, governance plan, change management plan, communication management plan, financial management plan, information management plan, procurement management plan, quality management plan, resource management plan, risk management plan, schedule management plan, and scope management plan
  • Authorizes and plans components
  • Provides oversight of programme and components
  • Manages component and programme elements to successful completion of programme, manages component transition and closure
  • Creates necessary documentation for planning components of the programme
  • Re-plans component integration or changes in programme direction through adaptive change
  • Responds to events that require significant replanning or new component initiation requests
  • Ensures component plans include activities required for component integration
  • Formalizes scope of work to be accomplished by the component and identifies the deliverables that will satisfy the programme’s goals and benefit
  • Integrates appropriate information from each component plan into the programme management plan
  • Initiates components to conduct the integration efforts of multiple components
  • Integrates components with others to realize associated benefits
  • Solicits status and other information from component managers and ensures dissemination to other components to facilitate integration of efforts with the overall programme activities
  • Addresses the need for product support during transition
  • Reviews components to verify that the benefits were delivered and transitions any remaining projects and sustaining activities
  • Reviews final status of all components with programme sponsor and programme governance board before authorizing formal programme closure
  • Consults with governance board to determine whether (1) the programme has met all of the desired benefits and all transition work was performed within the component transition or (2) there is another programme or ustaining activity that will oversee the ongoing benefits for which this programme was chartered
  • Transitions the resources, responsibilities, knowledge, and lessons learned to another sustaining entity
  • Coordinates transitioning activities and receives approval to formally closeout the programme
  • Plans and manages closure activities of the programme
  • Monitors closure activities to ensure expected results
  • Documents closure activities, including final signoff on complete closure of the programme


  • Provides oversight of programme activities
  • Identifies, defines, combines, unifies, and coordinates multiple components into the programme
  • Establishes both the management and technical resources of the programme and its components
  • Manages new component or project initiation process
  • Evaluates component initiation requests against the organization’s approved selection criteria
  • Redefines priorities of existing components to ensure optimal resource allocation and management and interdependence
  • Delays or accelerates components as defined
  • Approves or rejects programme level change requests
  • Collaborates with the customer or sponsor to present a request to close or transition the component
  • Updates programme roadmap to reflect both go/no-go decisions and approved change requests that affect the high-level milestones, scope, or timing of major stages
  • Collects, measures, analyses, and disseminates performance information to track progress against the programme objectives and assess overall programme trends
  • Tracks, monitors, and reports on programme benefits
  • Plans for sustainability of programme benefits
  • Plans for programme closure
  • Oversees and monitors programme closure
  • Achieves signoff on programme closure

Scope Management:

  • Establishes programme scope management plan
  • Monitors programme status and product scope and manages changes to scope baseline (scope statement)

Time Management:

  • Establishes and documents the policies and procedures relating to the programme schedule
  • Monitors the status of programme activities to update programme progress and manages changes to the schedule baseline that are needed to achieve project deliverables


  • Estimates the cost of completing programme activities
  • Establishes and documents structures, policies, and procedures relating to programme costs
  • Establishes and documents KPIs and success criteria for programme financial management plan
  • Estimates the cost of programme components
  • Develops an authorized programme cost baseline
  • Monitors the status of programme activities to update programme cost estimates and manages changes to the financial baseline
  • Updates programme financial status and monitors financial compliance requirements
  • Understand finance concepts, policies and finance processes such as capitalisation, accruals, budgets and forecasts


  • Identifies quality standards and requirements and documents quality compliance
  • Audits quality requirements and quality control results
  • Monitors execution and assesses performance of quality activities and recommends changes to quality activities


  • Creates and maintains responsibility assignment matrices, manages dependencies between programme components
  • Procure contractor services
  • Secure assignment of internal resources to the project
  • Mentor team
  • Sponsor team-building activities
  • Track team member performance and provide feedback
  • Resolve conflicts


  • Creates guidelines outlining the overall approach to managing communications
  • Executes communications management plan
  • Responds to and engages countermeasures to gaps between programme progress and communication management plan

Risk Management:

  • Establishes and documents the policies and procedures relating to programme risks and organizational risk profile
  • Determines which risks may affect the programme and documents the characteristics of the identified risks
  • Prioritizes risks for further analysis or action by assessing their probabilities of occurrence and impact
  • Develops options and actions to enhance potential opportunities and reduce threats, both relative to project objectives
  • Monitors the status of programme risks, implements risk response plans, and evaluates risk process effectiveness


  • Establishes and documents procurement decisions
  • Obtains and collates provider responses
  • Manages procurement relationships and monitors contract performance
  • Documents contract resolution and archives procurement information


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